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Complete the DreAM platform registration form with your personal and institutional details.

Choose a template for your corporate website

The DreAM platform offers 3 different templates for your company website. Choose the model that best fits your business

Choose modules

The modules CUSTOMERS, HR, DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT and SUPPLIERS are available. Choose which ones you want to help your business

Manage your DreAM space

In your DreAM space personalize your website and use the tools available by the selected modules



The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module provides tools that enable the insertion and management of customers.

It is possible to list customers and, for each one, to enter their business data, contact persons, etc..

This module also enables process management. In particular, it is allows the creation of customer-requested worklists, and the organization of information regarding each process (status, issuing of quotes and invoices, management of orders, monitoring of amounts billed or owed).

In the Customer's module it will be possible to set occasional or reoccurring alerts to help you manage the processes.

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The HR module aims to provide companies with a simple and effective tool for managing their human resources.

In this module, it is possible to list the company's employees and enter all relevant personal information, as well as institutional information, namely regarding the contract of employment.

With the HR module you can manage all holidays, leaves and absences of your human resources using a calendar. Additionally, you can schedule occupational health appointments so that employees are alerted to the appointment.

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Document management

Documents management module is the one which is most focused towards process dematerialization, which facilitates management and control.

In this module, you can create a List of documents relevant to the company's activity. All listed documents are then organized into a digital library. The documents in the library are categorized under different types, which promotes organization.

In this Document List you can assign internal references to documents and understand which files have been accessed the most.

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With the DreAM tool, your company will be able to manage interactions with suppliers using the Suppliers module through Acquisitions.

Using it, you will be able to not only organize all suppliers and their contacts into one simple listing, but also to manage your purchases.

In this module you can register invoices and understand the billed or owed amounts, manage purchase orders, create alerts to prevent going beyond deadlines for payment, as well as evaluate your suppliers.

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You can choose from 3 templates for your corporate website

Model 1

Company presentation

Model 2

Company presentation with product showcase

Model 3

Company presentation with product showcase and online store


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